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10 Easy Tips to Grow Your Business in 2019

The year 2019 is around the corner along with the new hopes and dreams to live a flourishing life. And, the entrepreneurs are already planning to look back at the growth-chart, performance and previous year statistics to figure out the best business plan for the upcoming year. If you also need to endeavor some of the best hacks to grow your business, then you need to come up with the fast-paced environment eventually. To have a successful business year ahead, you need to be updated with all rising trends and technologies. Look forward to new opportunities, after the proper analyses of the failures and successes of the previous year small-term goals.

Let’s have a look at the ten most easy tips, which will help to grow your business in 2019.

Grow Your Business

1. Build a Purchase or Sales Funnel

To grow your business rapidly, you need to automate it by having a sales funnel or a purchase funnel. It is the most reliable way to grow your business at a rapid pace if it is carefully conceptualized and then created. Here are the four stages of sales funnel you must know.

  • You need to become aware of all the digital marketing platforms like email marketing, content writing, Adwords and much more whereby, you can know the customer views and prospects.
  • After the awareness stage, the sales funnel includes the engagement of the customer with the organization, after a specific period. Here, to keep the interest of your potential customer, you need to keep asking them their requirements and collect the timely feedbacks.
  • Feedback analysis would help you to make the necessary changes if required and will keep your loyal customer satisfied. And this is the decision establishing stage of the purchase or sales funnel. Here, you can include offering the discount and deal provides to your customer to satisfy or to retain them.
  • The final stage of the sales funnel is the action stage. Here, your customer would eventually decide to purchase your product and build a lifelong relationship with your business. Isn’t it is a great idea for preparing and grow your business in 2019?

2. Customer Management System

Did you find the manual tracking of the transactions a hard process? If so, figure out an apt customer management system for your business. Also, if you want to grow your business, you need to make sure that your transactions tracking system and process must not get too cumbersome. Therefore, you must scale the transaction process by using any of the efficient customer management systems. Depending upon your line of work, you can choose amongst numerous available CMS systems and readily available software.

3. Competition Research

Another greatest tip to grow your business is to uncover the maximum of your competitor’s online advertising strategies. For that, you need to dive in deep into the market similar to your industry and even some other relevant industries and do the research. You would get to know the trending aspects as well as the major highlights of the competitive intelligence technologies and platforms available to you.

To be more precise, try to figure out the longest running ads and the active landing pages so that you can emulate the same to benefit your business. And it is already a proven fact that the same would eventually work out for your company as well if it worked for your competitors.

4. Customer Loyalty Program

The year 2019 can be rewarding your business if you think of starting a loyalty program for your old as well as the potential customers. It would help you to increase the sales of your business and take your business one level up in the competitive market. As per a business study, the acquisition of new customers is a relatively complex and expensive.

So, if you want to see your sales-experience skyrocketed than you need to spend more on the existing customer and enhance your market value.

Arranging a loyalty program for your customer will not only retain them but also can attract the new customers as well. Thus, it is a smart move to grow your business. So, why don’t you make it the part of your business plan 2019 to grow your business?

5. Recognize New Opportunities

The learning is the never-ending process. So, if you want to grow your business, you always need to keep this mantra as the part of your marketing strategy. Furthermore, keep a track on all the foreign markets, potential industries, and the existing opportunities by comprehending your demographics and their choices. This analysis would help you to beat your competitors by providing you a more clear vision about your distribution channels and open up the doors to the various new opportunities.

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6. Prepare and Manage an Email List

Are you looking for any lead magnet to grow your business? If so, start building an email list, which comes as a necessity for a purchase funnel. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to grow your business. Therefore, analyze the reasons why should people subscribe to your list? Maybe you have many lucrative offers for them. Do you? If yes, then probably you have won half the battle to attract new customers and retain the older ones.

7. Strategic partnerships

It is possible that you may be running your dream business on your own as a one-man army. But if acquisition and merger was ever a part of your business plan, then it may never go out-of-place. Or another best way to grow your business is by planning the strategic partnerships.

So, identify the right company for you that can help you to reach a wide swath of potential customers. And, prepare an eloquent business proposal whereby they too can find your company a better and profitable option to work with. New partnerships or mergers will drive your business in the upcoming year. Take the help of the professional to do the due-diligence before choosing a complementary company for the partnership.

Business Growth Tips

8. Lift global platforms

It is worth noting that by the end of the previous year, the business owners have got many new opportunities and platforms to trade their business. There may be specific platforms that you might have missed in the execution of your business strategy and those which could have provided huge benefits to your company. It is a high time to make the part of your new business plan for the year 2019.

You can effectively grow your business by choosing the right global platform to establish your business worldwide. It may be an e-commerce business selling products, Amazon’s FBA service, Upwork, Airbnb, HomeAway and many more global platforms that you can choose for your concerning business-structure.

9. Authorizing deals

Are you looking for a tip to grow your business, that does not require much-added efforts? If so, you can think of licensing the deals. To make it understandable, consider that you have a product or a service that is entirely owned by your company. You can license that to the company with a large footprint and share the revenue. It is a magnificent way to obtain market saturation quickly.

10. Hold a franchise model

Do you already have a successful business and want to grow your business further? Then, you can also consider franchising it. It is another practical tip to grow your business at a rapid pace. The franchise costs could be high. Therefore, you need to make a proper strategy and analyze all the major aspects like managing your funds and budgets since it takes a lot of marketing. It is advisable that you take the help from an expert to know more about holding the franchise model for quick growth.


Well, launching a startup is hard and growing your startup in the competitive US market is even more complicated. So, you need to do a lot of things to do well for your business from developing a roadmap, managing all the finances, incorporating your business to set up a great product and team for your business.

Whatever your industry and the size of your company, a strategic plan can provide you with the perfect direction to guide your decisions. It also helps you to grow your business by keeping you on course to achieve your long-term objectives which are associated with your company’s vision, mission, and values.

So, if you are all ready to embark into the competitive business world of US, then IncParadise should be on the radar. We will help you in checking name availability, filing Articles with state, and preparing Articles of incorporation. Contact us now!

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