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Happy Holidays from Team IncParadise – Preparing for the New Year 2019

Are you seeking better opportunities for business growth in the upcoming year? If so, evaluating the previous year strategy would help you to prepare an excellent business plan for the year 2019. And with the arrival of the year 2019 that is around the corner, every the professional business owner is excited to upgrade their business plans.

For those who are still not considering to change the business plans, it is a high time to review the growth chart of the previous year, and analyze all the losses and benefits. Along with this, it is also important to learn about the new strategies that have come in the market. By doing this, it will help you to understand the rising business trends in the era of marketing, public policies and technologies. These would then assist you to move forward with an updated strategy and focus on your business success rate this year.

If you are not sure how to begin with planning a new strategy, the tips shared below would help you prepare for the new year:

New Year 2019

Review the highlights of the year 2018

You all might be ready to get into the reflection mode to raise the bars of your business in the new year based on the review of every essential aspect of your business this year. If you want to start the upcoming year with a spark, new motivation and full of enthusiasm, you need to understand how your previous business strategy worked for you and how your personal life affected your business.

Take a look back at both the pros and cons reminiscing about all the significant events that affected the business growth in a particular way. It will help you to evaluate your business career and to set a new goal by providing you the right direction.

Also, the best way to review the notable highlights of the previous year is to collect feedback from your employees, colleagues, and managers. This would help you to understand the areas where you failed to give detailed attention, which eventually caused you to lose many essential things either concerning money or business relationships.

Review the expenses of the past 12 months

While evaluating the significant highlights of the year 2018, you need to look at the insights of the previous expenses that was used to enhance your business. With variance analysis, you can review the budget by deeply analyzing your income versus expenses, gross volumes, and revenues. You can take the help of the management team to evaluate the sales reports and make a performance analysis.

Plan Projections

Before you start considering new ideas for the year 2019, ask the management team to create projections based on the plan they followed previously. Also, the sales team can provide you with the estimation of the marketing strategy along with the reasons you need to follow the similar footsteps or to make a new path towards business success.

By creating projections for the upcoming year, you can determine the rough estimate of the customer count as well as the increase and decrease of your expenses, which may help you to make a new strategy for the year 2019 accordingly. By looking at the effects of a cost-containment effort, you can revise the prices of the products, and work on the new promotional strategies.

Design your Budget

Based on your discussion with management and the sales team, you should create a detailed master budget including your income and expenses, cash reserves, cash flow and profit-and-loss statement, debt-service numbers, balance sheet, credit availability estimates and much more. Besides, focus on tax burden, laws and make effective tax strategies for the year 2019.

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Plan the Expansion

The immediate step after creating the projections, forecasting next year performance and discussing the requirements of other important aspects of business and resources, you need to consider business expansion, or adding a new service or product. Well, you may find it a bit challenging, but for a remarkable growth this year, you should discuss and plan for financial and operational ability.

As an additional tip, you can add distribution channels (online selling), and any new location. To make it simpler, you need to diversify your market and upgrade your strategy. For that, calculate the total cost for each. And then by analyzing the risk/reward ratio, create your budget for expansion. Learn the art of balancing your budget because due to the expansion, your business may go out-of-place. This is if you do not use the affordable amount as your high-end target.

Be Committed

If you have carefully reviewed the past performances of your business and have successfully created projections, the budget, expansion plan and the business development strategies, get ready with the new and exciting business plan for the new year 2019.

Prepare your department heads and employees. Moreover, try to fill them with enthusiasm and inspiration to take your business to another level by offering them better opportunities this year. Approve the annual budget and create certain benchmarks to get an immediate alarm for the underperforming parameters. If you do so, you may trigger automatic responses useful for your business like arranging for more credit or reducing the spendings, and much more.

Set your Goals

If you have decided your business plan for the upcoming year, it’s time to turn that into action. By taking actions, we mean that you should create a goal for the coming 12 months. Moreover, to compliment your primary goal or target, you need to get prepared with numerous smaller goals and objectives. Be committed to accomplish your modest goals and tasks. Ensure that you will stay on track as it will help you to achieve your primary goal.

Manage your Inbox

Managing inbox is necessary since it is one of the most significant sources of stress at work if it gets overflowed. Once you declutter your inbox, there will be more room for new emails and messages. With this, you would be able to manage the stress of selecting all of them and marking them as read. Moreover, you would have time to help yourself by creating a fresh inbox by thoroughly going through each of them.

After the careful examination of your inbox, you can delete the unwanted emails and keep the urgent and important ones only. It will prepare your business inbox for the new year. Furthermore, you should keep this momentum going. Also, do not forget to remove yourself from unwanted email chains as well, which create clutter in your inbox.

Target your Small Tasks

If you need to get prepared to hit the ground running in the year 2019, check off more small tasks to your to-do-list like filing the paperwork that you’ve been putting off or other tasks like these. That is how you can be sure of focus on the bigger things by the beginning of the new year. So, do not procrastinate the things.


By now you must have some of the most excellent ideas to prepare for a prosperous and successful new year. Besides, be committed to your goals and resolution for the year 2019 by putting together a substantial expansion, budget, and marketing plan. Your commitment and enthusiasm will put you in the best position for the new year.

In case you want to open a new company or decide to expand your business globally in the year 2019 hoping to get huge success, IncParadise can be the essential part of the journey to assist you in the registration and incorporation process for your business.

In the end, IncParadise wishes you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and prosperous year 2019. May the beginning of the new year renew all the happiness, good tidings, and the joyful spirit to keep glowing in your heart forever!

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