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25 Best Outdoor Business Ideas for 2020

Are you one of those people who loves working outdoors? Not each and every person likes to work or look forward to work indoors. Anyone who loves the outdoor jobs and are working indoors are looking for chances where they can easily begin working for an outdoor job instead. If you are a person like this, then you can start your own outdoor business by choosing an idea from the top best outdoor business ideas.

Outdoor business ideas

Working for yourself would be the greatest thing in the world where you can set your own schedule without working under anyone. But this does not mean that starting an outdoor business is easy. And not all the business ideas thrive since many businesses fail during their first five years. This is why you would need to know all about the best outdoor business ideas to pick the right idea.

Moreover, an outdoor business has a lot of benefits which includes a lot of clients, and low overheads regarding rent facility and so on. So, if you are also looking for a business idea that would help you save a lot of money and earn easily as compared to the indoors business, then you can check out the list shared below of the best outdoor business ideas:

#1 Roof Installation

Everyone needs a roof over their head. And a building is not something that is permanent regardless of it being a residential one or an official one. No one can live or operate their business with a damaged roof or no roof at all. But you need to remember that a roof comes in various kinds of materials like cedar, steel, asphalt and other composite materials.

So, you would have to know which kind of material you need for the roofs you would be creating. Also, there are many parts for this business. This means that you can either be a roof manufacturer, roof installer, or you can also become a subcontractor for a builder. Whichever you decide to do from these best outdoor business ideas, just ensure that you check with the local and city regulations.

#2 Solar-powered House Numbers

Another one of the best outdoor business ideas is to startup that just needs a little marketing skills and is inexpensive is the solar-powered house numbers business. The reason that this idea is very cheap is because you would not have to manufacture anything and you do not have to have any construction skills. All you need for this business is the networking skills.

You would negotiate with the manufacturers on the prices that might allow you make profits. And then using the network you have to sell the products via your website or social forums. Moreover, you can also send a few products on a store that would allow consumers to buy them in their area easily. This business idea is great since people love using the illuminated numbers in their homes since it enhances the beauty of their home at night.

#3 Litter Pickup Business

This is one of the other best outdoor business ideas that includes cleaning and does not need any additional equipment that would cost you a lot. All you would need is simple things like garbage can, rake, shovel, face mask, and a pair of gloves. Moreover, you would just need to have good persuasive skills. Also, you would need to give out fliers to let people around your area know that you are offering the services. This would help you get more customers.

#4 Outdoor Photography

In case you are a person who is skilled photographer, this can be the right business idea for you. It would not only keep you in a place where you love your job, it would also help you make a nice income for yourself. Moreover, if you want the business to become successful, you would have to get the best equipment so that you would not have to spend much to repair the things later on.

Just to make this clear, the outdoor photographers have to use the models and subjects that are outside the studio. There are many things that come under this business. You can go for nature shoots, model shoots, wedding events, and many others. To begin with this, you can take shoots outside and post all the pictures on social media forums to get clients.

#5 Greenhouse Installation

The senior and middle-aged people are continuously looking for different methods to keep themselves business as they stay fit. And a greenhouse installation would help them indulge in an activity that would be the best choice for them. So, basically, you would need to design, build and install greenhouses for clients in this business.

#6 Guest Ranch

Guest Ranch

This might be a new thing for you but is a trending one in the travel and hospitality industry. A guest ranch does not only help the guests for accomodation, they also offer them with various thrilling activities like outdoor barbecues, swimming, horse riding, and mountain bike trail riding. This new trend has become popular amongst many travellers as well.

In this business, it would not just be a capital and labour intensive job, it would also require your passion for it. Other than this, you would also need a sense of business for you to succeed. On the other hand, in case you offer to give great services for which your customers would spread the word about your business, you can be sure to get more customers.

#7 Ice Cream Stand

In case you are a person who knows how to make very delicious ice creams and have created many recipes that has made your family and friends love your cooking a lot, then this is something that you can turn into a business. And it is obvious that you would love doing this a lot. Moreover, many people have ice cream everyday, mostly the old-aged people and the children. So, if you get into this, it would be a good income source for you.

You can get a bus or a stand that is located near a high traffic area so that people can see you and reach you easily. As a matter of fact, if the stand is mobile, you would always be able to reach more people easily in many locations. Selecting this idea from all other best outdoor business ideas should be mostly because you love preparing ice cream. If you are not a person who can do this, it is better to move to another idea.

#8 Graffiti Removal

Business people and homeowners usually have to handle a lot of nightmares of graffiti on their walls, and if there is any business that offers the services that would remove these graffities would be a hit in a market. The best thing about this idea is that you would not need any training for this and it would you almost nothing.

But in this business, you would have to go to the people who own graffiti on their wall and let them know that you are offering a service that would help them to remove the graffiti from their wall. Obviously, you would have to have strong persuasive skills for this so that you do all the things in the right way before they pay you for the service and spread the word about your business and work. For this, you would need to get a sand blaster, a pressure washer that is portable and a trailer.

#9 Canoe & Kayak Tours Business

In case you are person who loves to work outdoors regardless of how the weather is, then the canoe and kayak tour is the best business idea for you from the list of the best outdoor business ideas. The clients that you would have in this business would be those people who love adventure and who are searching for enjoying a boat cruise. It would be much better if you live in a place that has a river or a lagoon, all you would need is some of the basics and a canoe.

If this is not the way you can work out things, another way it to connect with a resort or waterfront tourist attraction to work with them. This would help you create many packages where you can ask your clients to choose from the choices you have. Moreover, do remember to get insurance and a tour guide qualification for this business. Along with this, you need to be well-versed with the first aid application in case any situation occurs.

#10 Fence Installation And Repair

Not every house has a fence, and due to this, many owners might want someone to install the fence to their house for them. Other than this, many people look for the services of repair for the fences that they already have. Regardless of the reason to work on fences, you can pick up this business idea and start working on it to make some extra income for yourself.

It is a great choice from the list of best outdoor business ideas, but you need to be good with your hands for this work. Moreover, you would also need to have persuasive skills to reach out to clients who need the service. Anyone who does not have a fence, you can go up to them and pitch your service to them so that they can choose if they would like to avail it. Other than this, for the people who need to have their fences repaired, you can give your fliers to them or drop them out in their mailboxes. It would help you make a good amount of money out of it.

#11 Flying School

Another great business idea from the best outdoor business ideas is the flying school business. Being an entrepreneur, you can easily get into this to make a good business out of it. In this business, you can create a flying school that would assist people who want to learn how to fly for fun or even a career. These people can come to you for both practical and theory purposes.

Nonetheless, beginning a flying school would not be an easy task since there are a lot of regulatory and financial loops that would have to handle. Also, before you can move ahead with your business plan, you should ensure that the location you are selecting for this is the perfect one. Moreover, make sure you get the other things right like the equipments needed and the insurance.

#12 Dog Trainer

Are you a person who loves furry animals, especially dogs? Well, then you can become a dog trainer. This would be the best thing for a dog lover since your day would be spent entirely with dogs. Being a dog trainer, you would have to train the dogs of your clients as per their needs. You can also train the clients to understand their dogs better or how to train their dogs. There are a lot of dog owners that would love to have their dogs trainer with some of the special habits and skills.

Nevertheless, prior to becoming a dog trainer, you might have to get a certificate of being a Professional trainer. You can easily create packages of your training lessons that would be both comfortable for your and your clients. You would also be able to sell additional products like tags, leashes, etc to get more income in the business.

#13 Sundeck Building

Building, designing and installing sundecks is one of the main parts in the home improvement industry. This part has grown a lot in the last few years. So, if you do not know exactly how to install the decks for yourself, you would have to learn all about it. Moreover, you would also need to have the knowledge of building the decks yourself in this case.

Based on the state in which you would have this business, you might also need to get a building permit from the government before you can install the sundeck in anyone’s house. Additionally, you would need some important tools for which you would have to invest some money in. But if you have a tight budget, you can get tools on rent from another person or company.

#14 Construction Clean-up Business

There are a few businesses that help in cleaning the commercial and residential sites, but you can pick up the business idea of cleaning up the construction sites instead. But it is important to know that this job is labour intensive and you would have to be fit for doing this job. You would not only work on cleaning the the windows, and wash the surfaces, you might also need to haul away the construction debris.

This business would be a very profitable business since your clients would be the people like contractors, property developers and renovation companies. For this to work, you would need the right marketing skills and there might be situations where you would need to physically go to meet clients and pitch your services to them.

#15 Delivery Service

In case you had a phone and any other reliable means that can be used for transporting something like a car, motorcycle, or even a bicycle, then you can pick up the delivery service idea from the list of best outdoor business ideas. Take a target area and begin to help the customers in delivering things like tickets, flowers, fast food, groceries, and any of the other things that you would like to be delivered to your home.

But with this, you would need great marketing skills to sell the idea so that customers can come to avail it. Other than this, you might also need to offer them with more services to beat the competition so that there is an advantage over them. As soon as your business expands, you would then be able to add in more routes and drives as well to your business.

#16 Camping Tutorial

A lot of Americans love camping and usually search for opportunities to enjoy this activity. Nonetheless, not everyone who loves them knows all about the basics of camping and that is where you can enter the picture. You can become a camping tutor where you can easily offer them with ‘how-to’ practical hiking information and camp instructional for the first timers. Moreover, the tutoring can be handled outdoors where you would not need to pay for any rent for anything. It is the most basic and simplest job you can enter to earn more without spending much.

#17 Bench Advertising

Another one of the best outdoor business ideas that you can pick up is the bench advertising one where you would be able to earn a lot of money easily. All you would need to do is draft the best strategies for the business. Just ensure that you select the right location for where you would be putting the benches. It should be a place where that has a high visibility with a lot of traffic or people who walk around in the place.

When you find this place, you can move ahead and have your benches created to then add them there. Secure the various locations where you would be adding your benches like outside retail stores, the cafe restaurants, parks, etc. Then rent the places to various companies who want advertising spaces so that they can promote their products or services with a fee.

#18 Bulletin Board Service

You can also pick up this pretty simple and straightforward business where all you would have to do is help other companies that do not have the time to post their fliers on the bulletin boards in various libraries, laundaries, schools, supermarkets, community centres, fitness clubs and any such other places. Take this job for a fee and you would begin earning easily then. This business is a very profitable one where you would find a lot of clients who would want the service.

#19 Adventure Club

Adventure Club

Are you a person who loves fun and adventure? Well, then you can begin a club that would help you cater such activities for people who are like you. This club you create can offer various different activities that would help thrill seekers enjoy and fulfil their dreams. Moreover, you would have to be highly innovative and creative since people who love thrilling activities would need something new always that would keep them hooked.

In this business, you can create different membership packages that would allow the various members to choose from many choices based on the ones that are convenient for them. And for you to attract such people to your club, it is important for you to put up an outdoor recreation activity every now and then for people to learn about your club.

#20 Awning Cleaning

Looking for a business that would need the lowest amount of capital and no skills at all? Well, then the awning cleaning business would be a great choice from the list of best outdoor business ideas. And the best thing about this business is that you would be able to get a lot clients easily. This is because many companies are moving towards advertising their services through the commercial awning instead of the traditional box sign.

This means that you would be able to get a lot of new opportunities as an entrepreneur. Moreover, you need to know that the commercial awnings constantly has to be cleaned since the companies would want to show a great corporate image. And you too would want the business to look good since you are helping in promoting them. And for you to be successful in this business, you would have to advertise about your business aggressively.

#21 Human Billboards

Human billboards is something that can assist the businesses to advertise about their services or products where a person would hold the sign or banners that have the name of the company that they are advertising for. As a matter of fact, this option is considered to be a very cost effective approach by many medium and small scale businesses.

The human billboard is used to allure the passersby to the sign that the person is holding so that they are persuaded to look for the business and avail the services or products the business is offering. So, you would need to be innovative for the business you are helping out.

#22 House Painting Business

Even though some people can paint their house on their house on their own, but is not something that everyone can do. A lot of people are clumsy where they are not able to paint something properly. Instead, they find paint drops on things around them when they are painting their house. Due to this, people usually look for someone who can do this for a reasonable fee. So, if you feel you can handle such a work, then this business idea is a great one for your out of the list of best outdoor business ideas.

The amount needed for this business is very low for your to start it up which means that you can start this business at any time you want. Moreover, you would not have to pay any rent. But, you would need to have some experience in painting and also know all about the primers and paints. Then you need to just spread the word to get clients from commercial and residential places and begin your work to earn.

#23 Horse Riding Training

To begin this business idea, you would not only need to have the passion to ride a horse, but you would also need to have the passion to run the business since it is a very tricky one. This means that the business can fall down if you do not handle it well. For you to begin this business, you would need to own the things like boarding and training facility along with a stable which is not something cheap.

But if you still want to do it and have a low budget, you can begin the business with just a few horses that you can board on a local farm. In short, you can conduct your lessons on the farm and pay the farm for allowing you to use the facilities.

#24 Golf Instructor

A lot of people love golf and it has become one of the most popular sports in the US. The reason why it is a popular sports is since many people consider it to be a status sports. So, many people are working towards learning all about the sports and how to play it elegantly. With this idea on rise, you can take the advantage of it and become a golf instructor theoretically and practically. Based on your experience and wishes, you can teach amateurs or newbies.

But for this business, you would need a little investment since you might need to meet the clients that you have physically. But you can also work on advertising about your services online. They would be able to learn about what you are offering when you post online for clients.

#25 Garage Organiser

On your first though, you might feel that this business is something strange and what is it doing here, but it isn’t strange. It is common for people to leave their garage messed up due to which they are not able to find things easily. Moreover, this also leads to situations where they are not able to store their cars in the garage as well.

At times, some people make half-hearted attempts to clear the garage but are not usually successful. You can help such people with this. Just post about what you are offering online on the social media to reach the clients easily.

So, what is it that you would want to do?

With the above 25 best outdoor business ideas, you can choose the one that matches your caliber and what you desire to do. Also, the list is not just limited to these 25 ideas, there are many other ideas that you can choose. Just ensure that you have your company registered and incorporated on time before you can begin with the operations. To get help for the registration and incorporation of your business, IncParadise can help you. Check out here for more details!

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