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Notarize Your Documents in Nevada with IncParadise

About 1.25 billion documents are notarized every year in the USA, and each of these moments is usually a milestone for someone. It can be anything and really doesn’t just have to do with owning a business. Any kind of document can be notarized – real estate ownership papers, company papers, and even educational papers. Notarizing documents in Nevada or anywhere is a life-changing process for everyone. 

IncParadise has begun to offer notarization services in Nevada and we can help you. But, if you have been looking for online notary services in Nevada (Las Vegas), then you should know that Nevada has not permitted online notarization. You will need the notary to be physically present and we can help with that.

Notarize Your Documents in Nevada

Document Notarization

As mentioned above, there are many life-changing events that are approved by a notary public. It is an important process. So, what does document notarization in Nevada mean? Is it just another fancy rubber stamp that you need to pay the government for? No! 

What exactly is notarization?

The notarized documents in Nevada are documents that have been certified by the notary public to verify the authenticity of the documents and the information on them. Document notarization in Nevada is the process of the signing of the documents with a witness nearby to ensure that the complete process that is taking place is not fraudulent. And this is also to assure that the documents can easily be trusted by the people or authorities that requested them. In short, every crucial document normally needs to be notarized. 

What is the purpose of notarizing a document?

It is important that everyone can trust the authenticity of any legal documents obtained or viewed. In fact, let us assume that you are buying a house. Establishing certainty, clarity, and power of attorney are things that you cannot ignore to look at later on. That is where the document is authenticated, which means notarized. A notary public is a person who is a public official that was hired by the government to help in determining any fraud.

The notary public witnesses the signing of the document and verifies the identity of the signer/signers, their awareness of the content of the transaction or document, and their willingness to sign the document. All institutions rely heavily on the notaries as this would help them have complete faith in the documents they are obtaining. 

Once the signing has been witnessed, the notary public would add their own details, including the notary commission details, seal, and their signature. So, when you ever see a notary seal on a document, it is clearly notary verified and can be considered authentic. You can easily trust that the transaction was performed authentically and properly executed. With notarized documents in Nevada, it is just like swearing under oath in the court, where you claim that all the facts in the document are true.

There are three purposes for the document notarization in Nevada, which include:

  • To make sure that the intended person is signing the document by their own free will
  • To make sure that the signing person has been identified and has a legitimate identity
  • And, to ensure that the transaction does not have to be verified ever again.

Document notarization in Nevada is a system that has been put in place to prevent fraud. And the notary publics are the front-line officers who help in the battle.

Notarized documents examples

Let us take an example to understand this better. If you are designating a beneficiary on your life insurance policy, this means that you will be signing over a huge amount of money. And it is obvious that you would not be around to vouch for it. That is where you need a witness and the notary public. So, transfer of titles, wills, power of attorneys, trusts, advanced directives, and other things are just a few examples of the kinds of documents that need to be notarized.

Notarization Service in Las Vegas from IncParadise 

The notarized documents in Nevada are signed in front of the notary public, which has been explained above. This process vets for the authenticity of the document. It is the duty of the notary public to identify those involved in the deal and who is signing the document. This person also witnesses the signatures, makes a record of the transaction in an official log, and then marks the document with a seal – a stamp. All the legal and financial documents require notarization. And the kind of document that might need this also depends on the potential for a fraud to take place.  

How does our notarization service work? 

To get the notarized documents in Nevada means that the signature of those signing is legitimate, and that is all. This means that the notaries are not supposed to read the document, provide legal advice, or even evaluate the document. So, even if there is a problem that can come up, it is not the notary’s duty to alert you about it. All they do is verify who is signing and when it is being signed. 

At IncParadise, we work with your schedule to have your document notarized. Here is the process you need to follow:

  • Get the document ready, but do not sign it. Contact us and then meet us at our Las Vegas, Nevada office.
  • Prepare all your’s and the second party’s details ready for being verified – this includes having all the legitimate IDs ready. If it is for a business, have all the business IDs ready.
  • Get your identity validated.
  • Then both parties sign the document.
  • After this, the notary public (that is us) will check the date and signature again, log this in a record for the government and then step back.
  • Once done, you have your document notarization in Nevada done

If it is not just a sign that is needed to notarize a document, it can take a bit longer. Also, if an issue comes up with identifying the identity of the person, then it can also cause a delay in the process. Contact us to know more!

Pricing for notarization 

The fee for the document notarization is based on the place where you want your document notarized. As a matter of fact, laws keep changing frequently and so giving a specific price would not be right. So, if you have to pay a fee of about $5 to $25 for it, do not be surprised. IncParadise charges $5 per first Signature/Page and $2.50 per Additional Signature/Pages.

Get Help From IncParadise to Notarize Your Documents

At IncParadise, we offer notary services in Nevada. We believe in the principles of notarization as it is the basis of authenticity. IncParadise can help you in having all your document notarization in Nevada done easily. All you need to do is contact us and we will let you know the process. Other than this, we also assist in the registration and incorporation of a business.

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