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13 Best & In-Demand Small Business Ideas in Florida

It is a big decision to open a business, but the next big and most important decision is where you should start the business? Opening a small business in Florida is very promising as it has the fourth-largest growing economy in the country. Currently, Florida is the best place to grow your business. 

This article will tell you why it is best for you to start a small business in Florida and the best small business ideas in Florida

 Best & In-Demand Small Business Ideas in Florida

Small Business in Florida

With a vast population, Florida has a broad market for small businesses. They are also one of the largest exporters for trade goods and are known for their industrial and production facilities. Due to the number of customers, Florida became a hub of some of the largest specialized business chains. Today, Florida has many international companies such as ADT, Office Depot, Publix, Citrix Systems, HSN, and more. 

Starting a small business in Florida is not as pocket-heavy when compared to high-tech states in the US. The cost of workforce, land, and capital is low in Florida. There are different types of businesses that can grow country-wide that you can start in Florida. Even though the tourism industry contributes to a significant part of the states’ economy, others have developed over time. The benefits of starting a small business in Florida does not end there some other benefits are:

  • Popular seasons: Tourists visit Florida during colder seasons. The increased number of people is beneficial to business owners here as it means increased revenue. These seasonal opportunities help small businesses grow. But this also means that there is an off-season where you do not have as much income. If you manage your income and distribute it accordingly throughout the year, you will manage. 
  • Low tax: The tax burden on local business owners in Florida is low. Owners do not have to pay any personal income tax. Businesses in Florida only have to pay 5.5% of their business income tax return. 
  • Capital: Florida is full of angel investors and venture capitalists looking to invest in entrepreneurs’ ideas. The easy access to capital makes the process of starting a small company easier for entrepreneurs.

Best Small Business Ideas in Florida

There are different types of small businesses you can open in Florida. Given below are the best ideas that have the potential to grow:

Life coaching 

There are people in this world who get too entangled with themselves and end up jumbling their lives. Florida is one place where the need for life coaches is on the rise. You can start your small business as a life coach who helps people overcome fears and challenges in their lives. 

Elderly care service 

Today’s world is focused on the millennials, but it might just be worth it to focus on senior citizens. The lifespan of people keeps increasing, and this opens up a whole new range of customers. According to the National Institute of Aging, the 85 and above population is rising and is expected to increase by 351% globally. The number of people above the age of 100 is going to increase by ten times. 

This increasing number of elders need specialty services that provide their needs. You can start a small business to help senior citizens, such as errand services, salon services, driving services, etc. You can also open nursing homes to help the elders live in an assisted facility.

Social media consultant 

Yes, many social media consultants offer services to businesses. But it is not difficult to stand out. Many of these services tend to focus on networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc., and struggle. This is because most of the traffic is on applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Businesses do not realize how big platforms like Twitter and Facebook are and benefit from their use. 

If you have a background in social media with deep knowledge of the best ways to use them for marketing, you should be a social media consultant. 

Food truck

The food sector is one sector that keeps growing every day. All you need to start a business is a truck with all the critical apparatus. You can open a small food truck business with low capital. If you are looking to start a food truck business, IncParadise can help you register your business. You can appoint IncParadise as your registered agent, and we will help you with mail forwarding so that you do not miss any important emails when you travel.  


It is time for translation services to grow in demand following the decline during the recession. Many businesses are growing fast and are expanding to different countries, leading to the need for translators. Translation services help the company adapt their marketing materials and websites to the country they are in. Also, the growing number of immigrants is expected to increase the demand. 

Translation services include the need for dual-language speakers that can translate speech from one language to another, document translation, website information translation, and taking into account the unique linguistic traits of the target country. 

Content writing 

Companies frequently write blogs and post them on their social media account. They do not want to hire full-time employees and hire content writing companies. You can start writing about something you like and work as a ghostwriter who offers services to other businesses on contracts. 

Accounting or bookkeeping 

Taxes are one thing no one can stay away from if you live in the US. Businesses and individuals do not like to do their own taxes in general. This creates a demand for people who are good with tax submissions, accounting, and bookkeeping. If you have the required expertise, you can offer your services as an accountant or bookkeeper.

Pet care service

Do you like pets? If you do, this is a job that does not need much capital, marketing, or even hard work. You need to offer services to take care of pets while their owners are busy doing work. 


Beer is in high demand in the US, and a microbrewery is the best way to enter the industry worth $23 billion. The best way to stand out is by making different beer flavors as unique flavors will attract more customers. Micro-brewed beer has so much growth potential.

Fitness consultant 

It is important to exercise daily to live a healthy life. People are becoming more and more aware of what they need to do and eat in order to stay healthy. More and more people are on the lookout for gyms that caters to their needs at a reasonable price. You can make good money if you conduct this business with brilliant marketing tactics and unique services at the gym. Make your gym stand out by offering diet consultants, and other health relates services. 

Electronic/Smartphone repair service 

The number of phones being sold has been on the rise over the past couple of years. Today, every kid even has a smartphone in their hand. If you have the technical knowledge and talent to fix these devices, it is a promising business idea that can pay well. 

Dog trainer 

Dogs are man’s best friends, but they also need to be trained. Some of them are fast learners, and some take some time to learn. If you have the skills and talent to train dogs in a short period, then this may be the best small business idea for you. Dog owners do not hesitate to spend good money on quality services. 

Tour guide 

Florida is a market filled with tourists. The number of tourists visiting the state has been on the rise. One of the small business ideas in Florida is to become a tour guide. There are many places for tourists to explore, and you can create customized packages for tourists and offer a fantastic experience with your services. 

This is a low-cost business, and the demand for such services is also on the rise. If you have good communication skills and the required network, then this business can be highly profitable. 

Need any Help in Forming Your Small Business in Florida? 

Starting a small business in Florida is beneficial to you if done the right way. It would be best to choose a business idea that you have the skills to do and enjoy doing. The business opportunities in Florida are attracting more and more entrepreneurs. Starting a business in Florida can be a hassle; IncParadise offers you services such as business incorporation to make the process easy and smooth for you. You can also appoint us as your registered agent, and we can offer you additional services such as mail forwarding, filing of annual reports, obtaining EIN and many more.

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