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10 Tips to Hire Best Talent for Your Startup Team

When it comes to growing your business in the cut-throat competition, building a great startup is something that every small business owner needs to concentrate on. In order to conduct all the business operations smoothly, every startup needs to ensure that they are hiring for their startup the best talent that can bring success at their doorsteps as it is widely accepted the fact that employees serve as the backbone of every organization especially startup. 

In the growing period of your business, it is the skills and knowledge of your employees, which paved a path for your business to upgrade its level in the competition. So, if you want to cope with the competition, you need to find talented individuals who don’t only have excellent skills and knowledge, but they are also willing to work even harder and come up with great ideas and concepts. 

They must be the one who can become a “Jack of all trades,” and who will readily adopt the company mission, vision, and values as their own.

If you are a serious entrepreneur who wants to achieve success for your business and to look for the best talent so that you can hire for your startup, then here are ten tips on how to interview for a growing startup from some of today’s most successful hiring professionals:

Think like a GPS

The first and foremost tip that you need to incorporate in your business idea is to look for the employee like a GPS. While programming a GPS, you usually pay attention to three categorizes- specific destination, specific starting point, and route preference so that you can find the shortest route, or fastest route and avoid maximum tolls. 

And when you use a GPS and enter some vague information about the way, then you can easily lose time, way, and even end up in a bad neighborhood, and therefore, you have to double back because you went in the wrong direction, or possibly end up somewhere you never intended. 

The same is true for hiring employees for your company. When you have a clear picture in your mind about the specific details of your employees, then only you can get better, faster, and have better results.

Test Their Abilities

The second tip that you need to follow in order to hire for your startups the best employees is to look for their abilities, skills, and experience. While interviewing your candidates, you need to ask them about their personalities and at the same time, ask them competency-based questions. In short, you have to do full research about that candidate. 

Ask them about their traits, achievements, and how they handle challenging situations. Do they have any unprecedented approach towards solving the professional approach? Do they have any medical issues? And if you want to figure out the exact answers to these questions, then you can do one thing. While conducting an interview with the applicants, you can ask them to call a number that is linked to an answering machine. 

And set the answering machine in such a way that it will ask the candidate various questions like tell me why you are the best candidate for the job. In this situation, you can tell whether a candidate chooses to hang up the call and then call back prepared or see what they have on the fly. 

Hire for startups Tips

Treat the Interview like a Date

As an interviewee, you are also required to give them some reasons to like you when setting up an expectation level for this specific position. At the time of interviewing a preferred candidate, you should figure out the factors what motivates them, and in which sector they can do well. 

After getting proper information about these factors, mold it in such a way that it can add to their roles and responsibilities, and demonstrate how the company can be the platform for them to excel. But don’t forget to set the level of expectation for the work in front of them. 

After all, it’s because of the work, they are getting selected.  Manage all the expectations by just reminding them that they will be selected for increasing the growth of the business. Moreover, specify the goals and objectives of your startup to the senior managers, when you are looking for them. 

If they have a good idea about your startup, then only they can bring benefits to your business. Since it is widely accepted fact that there is no recipe for success, until one fumble through errors and trials before attaining the success. 

Look for Passion and Drive

Before hiring for your startup, every entrepreneur should evaluate whether the candidate has the drive or passion for working hard, thinking out of the box, and being resourceful. In short, what we call, “fire in the belly”- the one dares to tackle every difficult or fix any unexpected issues.

Applicant must have the motivation to sail through the storms and a right balance of energy, confidence, and humility to fit into the new environment at the workplace. You can ask the candidates to define the work successfully in their roles and responsibilities in order to evaluate passion and dedication in their personality. Also, what they can do for the success of the business, how they can bring more projects or work on the board. 

Then check the response of the applicants. Are they giving the reaction in accordance with establishing business milestones, screaming for success, and quenching for learning? If they did the same way, then believe it, you have found a perfect sword for your business who will help you to beat the rivals in tough times, and flourish in the startup ecosystem.

Convince Candidates for your Business

There is no denying the fact that startups need to work harder in order to get talented and hardworking employees because of less marketing and lower brand image in the competitive workplace. Every applicant wants to join a position in the multinational companies so that they can grow in their career and they will be provided with other employee compensation benefits.

looking for the talented employee

Search for the Right Personality

Another connected tip for getting the best talent for your startup is to look for the right personality. You should judge their personality just as much as you can. It can be more than their skills, knowledge, and experience they are having until now. As a matter of fact, startup brings a lot of uncertainty, unexpected issues, so it is mandatory for every startup to have an understanding and unprecedented approach for the management structure. 

  • Are they able to handle the stress of having to wear multiple hats and juggle extra responsibilities? 
  • Does the candidate have the right attitude in life? 
  • Does the candidate have high emotional intelligence? 
  • Are they aware of themselves and how they appear to their peers?

More importantly, could you see yourself being this person’s friend? A bad attitude can ruin even the most talented employee. Once you can find out the answers for the questions as mentioned beforehand, then only you can select the right candidate for your business. 

Call their References

Don’t forget to ask for the references for the candidate style of work from their previous company. In this competitive world of business, a reference letter is more like the character certificate of an individual. Therefore, before recurring that employee for your business, ask for a letter of reference. 

Through this reference letter, figure out how much they have contributed to their past employers. You can also contact that company in order to get a true statement about the candidate. Set a refined list of interview questions beforehand so that you can weed out the suitable applicants from the bad ones.

Consult Others For Advice

In the earliest period of your business, your startup team might not be built properly, so, it would be better for your company to ask for some guidance from the successful entrepreneurs, or friends, and relatives. But if you have any co founders with you, then you should ask them before hiring any applicant. 

If possible, try to involve them to get the right decision to get the best employee for your startup. When you have others to help you, then it would be much easier to come up with a good decision. If in case, you have no other founders, then try asking partners and other close associates to help make decisions.

Look for Alternatives

Never set all your bets on one thing. You should be backed up with some alternatives for the success of your business. So, while looking for talented employees to hire for your startup, you should think about whether the preferred job position can be outsourced or replaced with a robot? 

hire for your startup

Know What You are Looking for 

And last but not least, before hiring for your startup the best and talented employee is to prepare a list of your business objectives and business. In the list, ask various questions from yourself so that you can get the right candidate for your company. 

  • What sort of team do you want to hire for your startup?
  • How will the culture of your company look?
  • How much can you pay for your employees?
  • How will you convince the candidates to start a job?
  • Do you want to hire part-time or full-time employees?
  • What kind of traits do they possess?
  • Are they willing to work hard for your company?

Get answers for all these questions so that you know what to look for in interviews. Try to create a checklist that incorporates all the things you need in order to have an ideal employee for your business.  And then while conducting the interview, match this checklist against each applicant after to see how well they stack up.


Even though running a startup is an incredibly challenging job, the rewards are quite worthy. In order to get success and enjoy every phase of your startup, you should always hire the best employees so that they can bring more progress on the board.  If they work hard with full dedication and utilize every skill correctly, then there are more chances that your small business can become successful. 

So, if you want to hire a team of people who believe in the company’s mission, and who can hopefully stick with you for a long time, then try these tips. These practices will help you to get the most talented workers for your startup. For more information about hiring for a startup, and incorporating your business in all the US States, then hop over IncParadise today only!

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