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Change of Registered Agent in Nevada

Did you choose the wrong agent for your company? Well, it is easy to change the registered agent in Nevada. Having a registered agent in Nevada is important for any company that wishes to incorporate in the state. This article would help you understand what a registered agent is, why is it needed and how to change your registered agent in Nevada.

Registered Agent in Nevada

To begin with, you need to know what a registered agent is.

What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent in Nevada is a company or person who offers the service where they accept the service of process and any other legal notification on behalf the Nevada business they are offering the services to.

The registered agent in Nevada would accept all the legal documents or any official mail on your behalf. As soon as they get it, you would be informed about it immediately and the documents would be uploaded to your secure online account for you to view it.

Why do I need a Registered Agent in Nevada?

As per the law in Nevada, every entity that is registered with the state has to designate a registered agent in Nevada. It is a compulsory requirement of the state of Nevada government. This law was created to ensure that the lawsuits and due processes of a business cannot move ahead in the court unless and until the company has been properly notified about it.

Nevada Registered Agent

How can I change my Registered Agent in Nevada?

For you to be able to change your registered agent in Nevada, you would have to hire the services of the registered agent and ask them to fill the Nevada Statement of Change of Registered Agent by the Represented Entity form. You can also be the one who fills the form and ask the registered agent to then sign the form. Once the form is completed, you would need to file it with the Nevada Secretary of State.

You can file the form by fax, email, mail or even in person. You would have to add the following in the form:

  • Filer Signature
  • Registered Agent Signature
  • Name & address of new registered agent
  • Entity File Number
  • Business Name

The service of registered agent in Nevada offered by IncParadise is $89 for a year. In addition to this, there is a special discount that we offer where you can avail the service for the first year for just $40 and the following years would cost just $89. Also, if you prepay for multiple years, you would have to pay just $40 per year (only for existing customers).

The order process to change the registered agent in Nevada is:

  • Order online. (Choose the service you want to avail from the selected registered agent like IncParadise and place an order to avail the service).
  • Have the Registered Agent Change form filled by the registered agent or fill it and have them sign it.
  • If the registered agent is the one filling the form, you would have to sign it and then mail the form to the Nevada Secretary of State. The registered agent in change would send you an email about the exact instructions and address for updating in the form of the change in registered agent in Nevada.
  • Moreover, you would have to pay a one time fee of about $60 to the Secretary of State for the change in registered agent in Nevada. Along with the form, you would have to include a check that is signed by you.

Just to be clear, IncParadise charges a $5 fee for filing the form for you along with the $60 that has to be given to the Secretary of State.

How long does the process take?

The process to change your registered agent in Nevada takes about one week. It can also be done sooner if you delivered the form by email. If you want it to be done much faster, it can be done in a day or even just an hour based on the service requested. But for this, you would have to pay an extra fee for it. Once it has been completed, you would get a copy of your filing by the type of return service specified on the Customer Order Instructions form.  

Why choose IncParadise as your Registered Agent for your Nevada company?

In case you come under a situation where your business is sued, your registered agent in Nevada would be the one representing you. When the time comes where you need to file the annual report, your registered agent would be the first person to know about it and would then let you know about it accordingly ensuring that you do not miss the deadline. There are a lot of other things that the registered agent helps with and this is why you need to choose the best one.

IncParadise is one of the premium registered agencies that has helped many companies set up and run successfully in Nevada. Once you choose to be our client, you would get your personal logins to a back office application system that would allow you to easily view all the service you have availed, an order cart to renew or take more services, get all the mail forwarded here where you can view or delete, and handle every aspect of your company including the filing of annual reports and tracking the deadlines for legal documents and filings.

As a matter of fact, our pricing is very simple. We charge $89 per year with no additional costs. If you decide to pay for many years, we offer the service for $40/year. In short, you can have everything taken care of in just one place through us. Contact us to know more!

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