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Incorporation Mistakes Small Business Make

Starting a business can have many risks involved with it. It does not make any sense to repeat the mistakes others have already made. It is wise to take some time and understand their mistakes, so that you will learn from it and avoid them for your business in future.


Here are few common mistakes which you can avoid easily:

  • Not choosing the right business structure: All the three business structures,  LCC, S Corporation and C Corporation,  have different features. Selecting the right business structure is necessary for you.


  • Never think any business is too small to incorporate:  A business owner can benefit from the opportunity to separate and protect their personal assets from business debts.


  • Not placing your order early:  If your business has a deadline then you need to place your order as early as possible.


  • Selecting the wrong service company:  You should choose a service company with experience over a company with no experience. It is difficult to get quality service from those with less experience.


  • Incorporating in the wrong state: If your business expands into more than one state, then Nevada or Delaware are hot states for incorporation.


  • Not selecting a package that includes all: Always consider purchasing any premium formation package that comes with comprehensive bundle of services to meet your business needs.


  • Naming yourself as a registered agent.: A registered agent needs to be present during all business hours to receive all prominent legal documents.


  • A simple error can affect your business: Never be careless. Make sure to review all the information you are providing. Along with spending extra time you may have to pay additional expenses for corrections.


  • Forgetting about business license: Don’t forget your business license, permits and tax registrations. Different countries have different licensing requirements, so be aware about that.


Best thing is to separate your business from personal finances. Take the time to incorporate or form a business structure. So that you will be able to scale your business far more smoothly and securely for years to come by avoiding simple mistakes.

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