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4 Non-Tech Startup Ideas [ Tips ]

Everyone wants to be successful doing what they love, but we also ought to realize that not every human being is not tech savvy. As mentioned before, remember that not everyone in this planet is interested in making money from technology. Below are few tips which could help you out to figure out how to start up and some popular non-tech business ideas in 2019.

Show off your craft talents

Craft work is such a scare product that many customers go out of their way spend money on ornaments or any hand-made household products that are clearly out of their budgets.Whether it be painted jars, mugs, pencil holders, or wall hangers, demonstrating your talents in craft work could lead you to earn great profits.

Personal Chef

We all crave homemade food made with utmost love and care. Once again,this isscare due to our busy lives where we tend to have all three meals a day from a fast food outlet. Becoming a personal chef may be a great choice if you are good at cooking.

Personal shopper or fashion consultant

If you have ever had a knack for fashion that has grabbed the attention of your friends and family, you could even be hired by high-end celebrities as their personal shopper or fashion consultant. Once again, you are gaining great profits by fulfilling your clients fashion taste, shopping for them, and saving them time.


If you are talented in a specific academic area, you may be able to start a tutoring business. Everyone needs help at some point of their education and tutors lend people a hand. A qualified tutor is able to earn a great sum of profit depending on how many students he or she has. If you have what it takes to be a good tutor then I advise you to start this business as it could help you both earn money and refresh your knowledge.

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